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Shachihata’s Stamp to Deter Unwanted Behavior Goes Viral

Test run sells out within 30 minutes!

Shachihata Inc., the parent company of Shachihata Inc. (U.S.A.), has developed a new stamp designed to deter unwanted behavior on public transportation and at other public events. The new devise is a capless 9mm rubber stamp made with a yellow body, the color that signifies caution. By displaying this stamp in plain view, it is expected to deter unwanted behavior.


The stamp impression is a palm of a hand meaning stop. It uses invisible ink and in case the stamp mark needs to be viewed, a UV light is also provided with the stamp. This stamp is easy to operate with one-hand and comes with a locking cap and a retractable cord that may be attached to hand bag or pocket to be easily identified.


In Japan, there is an “Anti-Nuisance Ordinance” and Shachihata Inc. hopes this stamp would reduce the number of violations of this Ordinance.


Shachihata Inc. offered a test run of 500 of these stamps in Japan on August 27, 2019, which sold out in less than 30 minutes.

"I was so surprised how quickly they were sold out."– Hirofumi Mukai, Shachihata spokesman

Since the release of Shachihata’s test run, this stamp has gone viral on social media and was featured by CNN, BBC, Newsweek and on major and local news broadcasts.


In the media, this product was referred to as an “Anti-Groping” stamp, although, it was test run as a stamp to deter unwanted behavior in Japan.

* Whether use of the stamp in any specific situation is warranted is a decision that must be made in the judgment of each purchaser. Shachihata Inc. is not responsible for identifying or proving guilt of an assailant.

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